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Create a Legacy Fund:  Punxsutawney Area individuals, families, and businesses can create a fund to support causes and organizations they care about. 


Examples include, but are not limited to funds created to:


  • Meet the expenses of a child who has a physical or medical need that the family is unable to afford.


  • Provide dental treatment of Punxsutawney Area residents who cannot pay for such treatment.


  • Provide grants which benefit a community.  For example: a fund for Big Run or Timblin which assists with community improvements.


  • Assist with expenses not covered by insurance for area residents who are under the age of 30 and have been diagnosed with or are recovering from a diagnosis of cancer.


  • Support construction or renovation projects for Punxsutawney area charities and/or scholarships for residents who are pursuing post-secondary education in building trades or construction design.


  • Support cultural history, heritage, and traditions of immigrants during the coal mining era.


  • Promote literacy by providing age-appropriate books to children during their office visits to health centers and hospitals.

                                                                        ... legacy possibilities are endless.

Fund Options Include:

 ⯌ Endowment Funds:  The donor provides a lump sum gift which is invested and the interest from the fund is used to make grants to achieve the stated purpose of the endowment.  These funds may be a direct donation to the foundation by an individual or group, or a bequest made in a donor’s will.  Endowment funds may be added to by additional donors.


⯌ Donor Advised Funds:  The donor makes charitable contributions to the fund, receives an immediate tax benefit, and then recommends grants from the fund over time.  These funds carry out the mission of the Community Foundation by making grants to charitable, cultural, educational, and scientific organizations.


⯌ Field of Interest Funds:  These are funds donated for a specific purpose and may be time limited in their duration.  For example:

 --Emergency Funds in response to a Flood, Fire, or Virus.

 --Construction Funds to create a public park.

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